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The Hugo del Carril Tango Contest has ended!

The Hugo del Carril Tango Contest has ended!

The traditional tango contest for young composers and performers has announced its winners.

A jury including Jacqueline Sigaut, Claudia Levy, María José Mentana, Paola Parrondo, Pedro Ochoa, Roberto Siri, Miguel de Caro and Marta Pizzo chose the winners of this year’s contest.


This year the Singer Category had two winners.
Fabián Villalon and Alejandro Martino won the first prize in the Male Singer Category, Yamila Asero and Natalia Lopopolo in the Female Solo Vocalist Category.


In the Salon Dance Category the winners are: Sonia Herrera & Carlos Gallardo, and in the Fantasy Dance Category: Esteban Fernández & Paulina Quinteros.In the Duo, Trio and Quartet Subcategory of the Instrumental Group Category the Quartet “Mis Tango 7” won. The quartet is made up Yazmina Raice (piano), Carolina Pouillastrou (violin), Rowina Casey  (vocal), Sibila Coleno  (bandoneon).The Quintet “Barro y Pampa” also won in the Quintet subcategory of the Instrumental Group Categoy.The Quintet features Javier Rodríguez  Kase (violin),  Guido Kohn (cello), Rodrigo Caro Langwagen (piano), Santiago Chuni Obon (bandoneon). And the Sextet “Las Amarulas” of Ana María Villafañe, Sofía Galarza, Graciela Gallelli, Verónica Vegner, Gabriela Mangiavillano (Vocal)  y Leonardo Silva (guitar and director).


The following are the winners in the composition-related categories: Diego Gabriel Sanchelli (Instrumental Tango/Composition), Mariano Botto (Composition /Music and Lyrics), and Alda Reneé Sarzarulo (Tango Lyrics).

The contest was aimed at young amateur artists between the ages of 18-40 years. No limit of age was fixed, however, for the composition-related categories.


Singers and dancers of the Tango Salon Dance and Fantasy Tango Categories were awarded a 2011 performance agreement with the Buenos Aires City Tango Orchestra. The winners of the composition-related categories will have their pieces arranged for orchestra and premiered by the Buenos Aires City Tango Orchestra. As for the winners of the Instrumental Group Category, they also received performance agreements as prizes.